Down Under

 After a bit of a break, I’ve prepared another peek into my Fall Capsule. Today, it’s the bottoms. Because the number nine breaks up so neatly into threes, I usually do three skirts, three pairs of pants, and three pairs of shorts. I didn’t think shorts for October, November, and December sounded very practical, so instead, I’ve got skirts, pants, and capris.

Three Skirts

Here’s the first set of three: the skirts. They’re all long this time, since it’s been getting considerably colder. I didn’t have to buy any of these. The blue and green flowery one was bought at a thrift store years ago for less than three dollars. I’ve always liked it, but rarely worn it. The skirt in the middle is navy blue, with a faint flower pattern all over it. I’ve had this one for years as well, but now that I’ve got navy shoes to go with it, it’ll finally see the outside of my closet. Then there’s the cream colored denim skirt that was in my Spring capsule. I’ve had it altered so now it’ll fit better. Again, I’ve had this one for years.

Three Pairs of Pants

The pants on the left are brown Ralph Lauren, ordered online from Macy’s. They needed an alteration in order to fit, but now they’ll look great. The other two have been on this site before; the cream colored ones in the middle are from my Spring capsule, and the jeans are the same ones from Summer. 

Three Capris

Tadaa! Here are the capris for the season: 

The pair on the left came from They’re navy with a lighter blue pattern up the sides. The ones in the middle are my Style & Co jeans that were a bit too short, so I rolled them up and called them capris. And then come the kahkis from Spring.  

And there you have them! Pictures of actual outfits are coming soon. Very soon.  


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