And Now, the Post You’ve All Been Waiting For

After all this, I’m finally putting some outfits together from the items in my Fall capsule. 

Here’s day one. It was one of those days. You know, those days where just getting out of bed seems like an unreasonable request? I couldn’t stay in bed all day, though, so I threw on the most comfy-looking outfit I could find. I know, it’s not very exciting for the Opening Day of my Very First Fall Capsule. But it is what it is. 

This day was a bit better. I even wore earrings. lol. This sweater is thin, but warm enough for a cool Fall day. And . . . 

I even got to break out the leather jacket!

Here are a couple more outfits. I was pretty happy with these two. They both felt like “me,” if that makes any sense.

Feel free to offer constructive criticism. I’m still pretty unsure of what I’m doing when it comes to putting pieces together to form cohesive outfits. 


Down Under

 After a bit of a break, I’ve prepared another peek into my Fall Capsule. Today, it’s the bottoms. Because the number nine breaks up so neatly into threes, I usually do three skirts, three pairs of pants, and three pairs of shorts. I didn’t think shorts for October, November, and December sounded very practical, so instead, I’ve got skirts, pants, and capris.

Three Skirts

Here’s the first set of three: the skirts. They’re all long this time, since it’s been getting considerably colder. I didn’t have to buy any of these. The blue and green flowery one was bought at a thrift store years ago for less than three dollars. I’ve always liked it, but rarely worn it. The skirt in the middle is navy blue, with a faint flower pattern all over it. I’ve had this one for years as well, but now that I’ve got navy shoes to go with it, it’ll finally see the outside of my closet. Then there’s the cream colored denim skirt that was in my Spring capsule. I’ve had it altered so now it’ll fit better. Again, I’ve had this one for years.

Three Pairs of Pants

The pants on the left are brown Ralph Lauren, ordered online from Macy’s. They needed an alteration in order to fit, but now they’ll look great. The other two have been on this site before; the cream colored ones in the middle are from my Spring capsule, and the jeans are the same ones from Summer. 

Three Capris

Tadaa! Here are the capris for the season: 

The pair on the left came from They’re navy with a lighter blue pattern up the sides. The ones in the middle are my Style & Co jeans that were a bit too short, so I rolled them up and called them capris. And then come the kahkis from Spring.  

And there you have them! Pictures of actual outfits are coming soon. Very soon.  

Dressing Up

 My Fall capsule includes two dresses. I don’t wear dresses often, but one of these is casual enough that I may wear it more often than I would. Here they are!

The cobalt one was on clearance at Carson’s. It could be one of those things that can pass for dressy or casual.

I ordered the black and tan colorblock dress months ago online from Macy’s. I’m questioning now whether it was smart to buy a sleeveless dress for Fall, but I have it now, so I’ll make it work.  

Pictures coming soon. 

Fall Shoes

Once again, the lighting is poor, but here are nine pairs of shoes I’ve chosen for my Fall capsule.  Many of these have been in capsules before, but there are a few new ones as well. 

  1. These light blue flats are very airy, and won’t work toward the end of fall, when it gets much colder, but I think I’ll be wearing them quite a lot until then. They’ll be good with jeans and pants, and also with some skirt combinations.
  2. These brown Worthington uppers made an appearance in my Spring Capsule as well. Again, good with pants and jeans. The photo makes them look a little bit darker than they really are.
  3. I bought these cream-colored b.o.c boat shoes back in the Spring, when Carson’s was having a huge comfort shoes sale. I thought they would go with my Summer capsule, but they didn’t; I really shouldn’t have bought them without a plan. Thankfully, they’re going to be great in this capsule.
  4. Do these Nikes look familiar? Eventually they’ll be replaced with some new running shoes, but for now I can’t seem to get rid of them. They’re my absolute most comfortable shoes, and they just may show up in my Winter capsule as well.
  5. These are the same brown Lower East Side boots I’ve had for a few years now, which were also in my Spring capsule. They’ll be good for pants, jeans, and some skirts and dresses.
  6. I bought these navy blue Lifestride pumps at DSW. It was surprising how difficult it was to find a simple pair of navy pumps, but after a long search, I found these. I am concerned that they’re so dark that they almost look black, depending on the lighting, but I do like the detail:   
  7.  These Nine West boots were found at the outlet mall. They were not exactly what I was originally looking for, but when I found these I decided that they were better than what I had planned. And they’re great for Fall!
  8. Again from my Spring Capsule, these Franco Sarto wedges will be a good addition to this one, at least for the first two months of the season.
  9. These J-41 slip-ons have been in my closet for awhile. I call them my fuzzy shoes, and they’re very comfortable and cozy on cool days. Good for fall.