The Big Chill

Ready for the first glimpse of my Fall Capsule? 

Since it’s so chilly, I’m starting with jackets: 

The Misty Harbor raincoat was a gift from my father-in-law several years ago. I’ve always loved the vibrance of the blue, and of course, the color fits into my capsule perfectly. I was excited that I was able to find a place for it in this new capsule. It will be great for brightening up those rainy fall days.

I found the leather bomber jacket at the Guess factory store. The coloring in the picture is poor, but it’s a lovely cream color with bright brass buttons and zipper. It’s very warm, and I’m excited to wear it.

That’s it: 2 jackets for Fall! For a list of how many items of each type are in my capsule, take a look at yesterday’s entry.

I have no pictures yet of any of my outfits, because I’m still wearing my summer clothes. It really doesn’t take much time to get my new fall clothes out and pack away the summer things; I just need to prioritize my time, I guess. I hope it’ll be soon.


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