Fall Shopping

Now that Fall has officially arrived, it’s time for me to change over to my Fall Capsule. First, partially as a reminder to myself, I want to go over the reasons I am now using a thrity-seven piece capsule wardrobe.


  1. It makes choosing what to wear in the mornings much easier and quicker, because I’ve got less to choose from, and what I do have available has been carefully chosen to ensure that I have what is needed to put complete outfits together. 
  2. I can wear all of it. There is nothing out of season in sight, and I no longer have my former problem: “I love this skirt, but don’t have any shoes that I can wear with it.
  3. I feel more feminine. No matter how much I like it, I do not allow an item into a capsule if it doesn’t fit well, is stained, torn, or faded, or if I just don’t like how I look in it. Further, my outfits are more “put together,” in less time than before, because nearly everything will work with almost every other item in my closet.
  4. I no longer wear the same few things every day. Before my Capsule days, I’d spend an embarassing amount of time looking at all of my clothes, only to end up choosing the same tired clothes I always wore. Now I have more things I like, and I can put them together in different combinations to make completely different outfits. 
  5. It’s actually kind of fun. I never thought I’d ever actually find clothes interesting, but here I am.


The main color I’ve chosen for fall is blue, with blue/green as a minor color. My three neutrals are cream, brown, and denim. I know, denim is not a color, but you get the idea.

This capsule contains thirty-seven items:

  • 2 dresses
  • 2 coats/jackets
  • 9 pairs of shoes
  • 15 tops
  • 9 bottoms


I started by taking all of my clothes out of my closet and out of the tubs they were packed away in. This was much faster this time than it was the first time I did this, for Spring, because I had far fewer clothes than I did then.


After cutting it down to what would actually work for this season, it was time for shopping. I actually did this several weeks ago. My husband suggested getting this done during the Labor Day sales that were going on at an outlet mall in Aurora. Now that it’s over, I am glad I did it. With my husband’s help, I found some great deals, such as a leather bomber jacket for only $60, and a great dress for $7.99. The prices were amazing. So were the crowds, but I’m trying to be positive here.

I almost completed my whole list that weekend. There were just a few things that we couldn’t find, which we ordered online from Macy’s.

So I’m done. I haven’t switched over yet; I’m still wearing my Summer Capsule clothes. I’m hoping to switch over to my Fall wardrobe soon. Hopefully this week, because of how chilly it’s getting now. 

More updates to follow!


3 thoughts on “Fall Shopping

  1. Great to know the “how and why” but I already pretty much figured that out. It all makes so much sense to me also. Waiting for pictures!


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