A Few More

I consider comfort to be one of the top considerations when I’m choosing what to wear. That’s probably how I got into the rut I was in before I started using a capsule wardrobe. Somehow, though I never realized that being comfortable did not necessarily mean feeling bad about how I looked. 

I’ve learned that I can find truly comfortable clothes without sacrificing too much of the look I want. During the summer I don’t do school, but we do lots of outdoors stuff, errands, and play. I need to be able to move around in the clothes I wear. 

Here are three casual, comfortable outfits that I effortlessly put together from my capsule recently. As I’ve noted before, the reason that it’s become so effortless and easy is that I planned my capsule and purchased my clothing so that all items would look good in just about any combination.


This weekend I had an opportunity to get dressed up. My grandfather was inducted into the Indiana Gymnastics Hall of Fame, and the ceremony and luncheon required a little more than casual and comfortable. I wore my purple dress, white shoes, and some silver jewelry. 



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