9 Summer Bottoms

Since my 37-piece summer capsule allows for nine bottoms, it was easy to incorporate the Rule of Three. The nine items split up into three skirts, three shorts, and three pairs of pants. 

First, the pants:

I ordered the blue jeans and the capris from Macy’s. I ordered lots of sizes and brands in order to get the right fit. I could have used the jeans I had for my Spring capsule, but I didn’t like the fit; they just looked bulky on me. This Style & Co pair is very good and will work for all future capsules. Until they wear out, that is. The red pants are a great find and I think I’m going to be wearing them a lot.

I found the white jeans for a very good price at TJ Maxx. The white pants from the Spring capsule weren’t truly white, so they wouldn’t work with this capsule.

  I ordered all three pairs of shorts from Macy’s. I had jean shorts in my Spring capsule that were very old and didn’t fit well. For some reason I settled on them when I planned that capsule, but I’m determined to weed out mistakes like that and only accept clothes that fit well and that I feel good wearing.

I’ve had the polka dotted skirt for a long time. It was a gift. It’s very flowy and hits at mid-calf. I found the red and white one at TJ Maxx for a very good price. I haven’t worn it yet, but I think it’ll work well for a casual look. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a denim skirt! I ordered this one from Macy’s in a couple of different sizes, but they didn’t fit. Before returning it, I looked at store after store and there just weren’t any. Anywhere. Are they going out of style? I don’t really worry about that sort of thing, anyway. So I kept the smallest size and took it to a tailor for alterations. It’s so nice to have a good tailor in town. I just got the skirt back a couple of days ago and they did excellent work.  
And there you have it. These are the nine bottoms I have in my closet for July, August, and September. I’m really happy with what I’ve got. 


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