Summer Shoes

As promised, here is an update on my capsule for this summer. My capsule includes 2 jackets, 2 dresses, 15 tops, 9 bottoms, and 9 pairs of shoes.

Here are the shoes. One mistake I made in my Spring capsule was a serious lack of color in my shoes. I think I’ve made up for that here.

1.  JBU Adventure I bought these during Carson’s comfort shoe sale.  The flyer had the word ‘comfort’ in all caps, which caught my attention immediately. These ones are comfortable. They’re also very airy, which is perfect for summer.

2. Life Stride This is another pair bought at that same sale this Spring. They cought my eye immediately for the color, and they’re very well cushioned and comfortable.

3. Aerosoles With a 2-inch heel, I wasn’t too sure about these ones. They’re padded very nicely, so they’re comfortable, and the heel is thick and sturdy, so I’m definitely okay with these ones. I’ve worn them once so far, for a whole day, and all is well. 

4. Naturalizer I’ve had these black and brown sandals for a long time. They’re not that comfortable, so I really don’t know how they made it into this capsule. They’re a bit redundant since I’ve got another pair of black sandals, so I think next summer they’ll be replaced with some white flats.

5. Crocs Ha! Yes, I actually have crocs in my capsule! I hadn’t planned to buy these, but they’re colorful and fun, and very comfortable. The many colors include red and purple, so they definitely fit in my capsule.

6. Studio Works These ones also came from Carson’s, and they’re great for dressing up or for casual looks.

7. J41 My black fuzzy shoes. I’ve worn them for a long time and really like them. I worried a little about including them in my capsule becasue of how often I wore them before; I thought I’d fall into a rut of wearing them all the time, but I with so many other good shoes to choose from, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. I haven’t worn them once yet.

8. Nike Yes, my white Nikes are making another appearance. They’re incredibly supportive, even after all of these years, and I’m not willing to give them up yet.

9. I bought these purple flip flops back when my son was playing hockey; they were solely for lounging around the pool area of the various hotels we stayed at during tournaments. I never thought I’d find another use for them. But I did.


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