A Few More

I consider comfort to be one of the top considerations when I’m choosing what to wear. That’s probably how I got into the rut I was in before I started using a capsule wardrobe. Somehow, though I never realized that being comfortable did not necessarily mean feeling bad about how I looked. 

I’ve learned that I can find truly comfortable clothes without sacrificing too much of the look I want. During the summer I don’t do school, but we do lots of outdoors stuff, errands, and play. I need to be able to move around in the clothes I wear. 

Here are three casual, comfortable outfits that I effortlessly put together from my capsule recently. As I’ve noted before, the reason that it’s become so effortless and easy is that I planned my capsule and purchased my clothing so that all items would look good in just about any combination.


This weekend I had an opportunity to get dressed up. My grandfather was inducted into the Indiana Gymnastics Hall of Fame, and the ceremony and luncheon required a little more than casual and comfortable. I wore my purple dress, white shoes, and some silver jewelry. 



Summer Dresses

Little by little, I’m making progress posting what I’ve got in my thirty-seven piece capsule. So far, I’ve posted my shoesbottoms, and jackets. All I’ve got left are the tops and the dresses. 

That said, here are the two dresses in my Summer 2015 capsule: 

These were both ordered online from Macy’s, and I like them both! The purple one, by American Living, is so vibrantly colored that it’s really fun to wear. The black is one I haven’t worn yet, made by Alfani. 

Both are sleeveless, which is something I normally NEVER choose, but it was difficult to find summer dresses with sleeves which also matched what I wanted for my capsule. I was willing to take a risk, and so far it’s worked out fine. 

Three More

Here are three more outfits put together with pieces from my Summer capsule. The shirt below has metal pieces on the front, and I like that it’s a bit unusual. My three year old likes that they make faint noises when I move around.

 Even after using my Spring capsule in May and June, I’m still not used to wearing skirts on a day to day basis. This denim skirt is very comfortable and I really had no problem wearing it the whole day. 

And another skirt on another day. This one made it a bit difficult when I was attempting to help my son move the trampoline that this morning’s storm blew over our fence, but other than that, it hasn’t been a problem.  

There’s one glaring issue I’ve been noticing in these pictures recently.  However, 

1. I’m not willing to wear nylons in the summer.

2. I am not at all interested in a fake tan. Nothing against those who use it, but I’m not going to.

3. As a mom, I really don’t have time (or the inclination) to lay out in the sun. 

So it is what it is. I’m happy enough to just live with it. 

9 Summer Bottoms

Since my 37-piece summer capsule allows for nine bottoms, it was easy to incorporate the Rule of Three. The nine items split up into three skirts, three shorts, and three pairs of pants. 

First, the pants:

I ordered the blue jeans and the capris from Macy’s. I ordered lots of sizes and brands in order to get the right fit. I could have used the jeans I had for my Spring capsule, but I didn’t like the fit; they just looked bulky on me. This Style & Co pair is very good and will work for all future capsules. Until they wear out, that is. The red pants are a great find and I think I’m going to be wearing them a lot.

I found the white jeans for a very good price at TJ Maxx. The white pants from the Spring capsule weren’t truly white, so they wouldn’t work with this capsule.

  I ordered all three pairs of shorts from Macy’s. I had jean shorts in my Spring capsule that were very old and didn’t fit well. For some reason I settled on them when I planned that capsule, but I’m determined to weed out mistakes like that and only accept clothes that fit well and that I feel good wearing.

I’ve had the polka dotted skirt for a long time. It was a gift. It’s very flowy and hits at mid-calf. I found the red and white one at TJ Maxx for a very good price. I haven’t worn it yet, but I think it’ll work well for a casual look. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a denim skirt! I ordered this one from Macy’s in a couple of different sizes, but they didn’t fit. Before returning it, I looked at store after store and there just weren’t any. Anywhere. Are they going out of style? I don’t really worry about that sort of thing, anyway. So I kept the smallest size and took it to a tailor for alterations. It’s so nice to have a good tailor in town. I just got the skirt back a couple of days ago and they did excellent work.  
And there you have it. These are the nine bottoms I have in my closet for July, August, and September. I’m really happy with what I’ve got. 

Summer Shoes

As promised, here is an update on my capsule for this summer. My capsule includes 2 jackets, 2 dresses, 15 tops, 9 bottoms, and 9 pairs of shoes.

Here are the shoes. One mistake I made in my Spring capsule was a serious lack of color in my shoes. I think I’ve made up for that here.

1.  JBU Adventure I bought these during Carson’s comfort shoe sale.  The flyer had the word ‘comfort’ in all caps, which caught my attention immediately. These ones are comfortable. They’re also very airy, which is perfect for summer.

2. Life Stride This is another pair bought at that same sale this Spring. They cought my eye immediately for the color, and they’re very well cushioned and comfortable.

3. Aerosoles With a 2-inch heel, I wasn’t too sure about these ones. They’re padded very nicely, so they’re comfortable, and the heel is thick and sturdy, so I’m definitely okay with these ones. I’ve worn them once so far, for a whole day, and all is well. 

4. Naturalizer I’ve had these black and brown sandals for a long time. They’re not that comfortable, so I really don’t know how they made it into this capsule. They’re a bit redundant since I’ve got another pair of black sandals, so I think next summer they’ll be replaced with some white flats.

5. Crocs Ha! Yes, I actually have crocs in my capsule! I hadn’t planned to buy these, but they’re colorful and fun, and very comfortable. The many colors include red and purple, so they definitely fit in my capsule.

6. Studio Works These ones also came from Carson’s, and they’re great for dressing up or for casual looks.

7. J41 My black fuzzy shoes. I’ve worn them for a long time and really like them. I worried a little about including them in my capsule becasue of how often I wore them before; I thought I’d fall into a rut of wearing them all the time, but I with so many other good shoes to choose from, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. I haven’t worn them once yet.

8. Nike Yes, my white Nikes are making another appearance. They’re incredibly supportive, even after all of these years, and I’m not willing to give them up yet.

9. I bought these purple flip flops back when my son was playing hockey; they were solely for lounging around the pool area of the various hotels we stayed at during tournaments. I never thought I’d find another use for them. But I did.

Two More

My posts these days are a bit sporadic. It is the nature of summer, I guess, with all schedules out the window. Here are my outfits the last couple of days, and I will get going on updating what is in my actual capsule soon.

Yesterday was full of busy preparation. There was no time for fuss, and I chose something simple and easy for the day. Last night we had a house full of teenagers, so my jeans, red tee, and purple button-down did the trick. The  purple flip-flops are very old, but were rarely worn.


Today I made a bit more of an effort. It warmed up a little, so short sleeves were a safe bet. I’ve been looking forward to wearing this fun top since I bought it. I’m going to buy a black shell to wear under it for more coverage, but for now, the tank works. I was mostly at home today anyway. 


Eyelet and the Laundry Question

Today’s outfit was comprised of the same red cropped pants I’ve worn once before, red sandals, a black, red, and white T-shirt, and a black eyelet button down for a bit of warmth. In the past, a day like today would have called for a shapeless long sleeved shirt and jeans. This outfit did not take any longer to throw together, probably less, actually, and I just felt so much better. I have to say, again, how happy I am that I’m doing this.

I really like this eyelet button down shirt. It does the job that I’d normally use a hoodie for, but it just looks so much better, and honestly, more grown up. I left it unbuttoned today, but it could create a different look to button it up and/or tuck it in. 

One question I’ve heard is whether having only thirty-seven items in my wardrobe means I run out of clean things to wear quickly. The answer is that I haven’t noticed a difference, because I’m still handling laundry the same as I always have. I have a family of six. I do one load of laundry every weekday. I’ve always liked that because I never feel overwhelmed with the big job of doing several loads of wash all in one day. I put a load in every morning as everybody is getting up: 3 minutes. I move it into the dryer somewhere mid morning, between school subjects: 1 minute. I fold it all after putting the little ones down for naptime after lunch: 10 minutes. Everyone puts their own laundry away after naptime. 


So having a capsule wardrobe really fits into that routine. Occasionally on weekends I’ll find that I don’t have the exact item that I want, but there are plenty of options. 

Also, having my closet so organized and roomy encourages me to hang items back up if they aren’t dirty, rather than tossing them into the laundry regardless of whether they actually need to be washed. This means I probably end up doing less laundry than I did before. 

1st Dress Up Day

Happy 4th of July! I hope you all enjoyed your day. I didn’t have time to take a picture, so I don’t have an update for yesterday. But, onto today:

Today we had church, so it was the perfect opportunity to wear one of my skirts. I dressed it up with this top and some white heels. 

I love this top. It’s thick enough to cover, but it’s also cool to wear on hot days, as today was. When I bought it, though, I didn’t notice how low cut it was. Yikes. I wore this necklace to provide some cover, but I did still feel like it was a bit inappropriate. I’m going to see if I can have it altered, because I’m not going to give up on it.

 Here’s the necklace; I found it on clearance at DSW, when I bought the bracelet I wore a couple of days ago. 

Simply Red

Today’s outfit was pretty simple, again. The shirt I’m wearing is so completely see-through that the tank is a must-have. I like how it turned out, though, as if it was made that way. 

I wasn’t sure about buying white shorts, but I wanted to take some risks with this capsule, and get away from the tired jeans-only look I’d lived with for years before starting this Capsule Wardrobe experiment back in April. These are drawstring shorts, and very casual, so I thought they were a good stepping stone toward a more interesting, feminine, and adult wardrobe. 

I’m not thrilled with the shoes for this outfit. Yesterday I was barefoot most of the day, and as a result my feet were really sore today. My Nikes are my go-to shoes for bad foot days. So, there you have it!

The bracelet was a fun find at DSW. Fun Fact: while I was at that shoe store, I bought no shoes, just a necklace and this bracelet.  It was on clearance, I like it, and it went well with my capsule, since the main color is red


Jackets for a Cool Summer

Since it’s been so chilly the last few days I figured I’d start with the jackets. My 37 piece capsule includes two jackets. 
I didn’t think I’d have much of a need for jackets over the summer, so I just kept the same two from my Spring Capsule. This summer, if I need them, I have a raincoat from Carson’s and a denim jacket from Maurices.  

Before I sign off, here’s my outfit for today.


It’s often useful to remind myself of why I’ve made certain decisions; it helps me to keep going. Just in case you’re wondering why I’ve chosen to revamp my whole wardrobe and replace it with seasonal capsules, my first post explains my feelings on it and how I came to my decision.